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Who are we?


« Should not have invited them »
Be in the secrecy of our customers, discover their abilities to create, to resist, to anticipate, to develop further… We do our job as a psychoanalyst does. It shakes up, necessarily.

Our team

Challenge to communicate better
We have a sharp knowledge of innovation’s issues. We use our ten-years experience to reveal and organize your own capacity to innovate.

Our history

From CCRIM to MeetSYS
The development of an analytical approach of innovation’s processes, from the basis of TRIZ theory, is the guideline of our scientific approach and of our expertise. Ten years after the creation of CCRIM, we become MeetSYS and enter, with i2Kn, in the industry 4.0.

Our customers

They have invited us
Our customers are remarkable: they are those who propose to the market the most efficient products, or the most innovative ones. We know that this is a difficult exercise, that the pressure is heavy. They are noteworthy.

Our partners

A community of innov’actors
As the industrial applications’ fields are numerous and challenging, as each identified problem must be solved quickly and efficiently, we have created partnerships to build-up an innovation’s breeding ground, fertilized with various knowledge and know-how.


How can we help you?
For any question or specific demand on i2Kn, on our expertise in innovation processes or on MeetSYS, if you want to become a partner, if you want to meet us, this page has been created for you!
    • CNES
    • THALES Air Systems
    • Messier-Bugatti
    • LVMH Recherche
    • Hennessy
    • Moria
    • Legrand
    • Nestlé Purina
    • Cetim
    • Arvin Meritor
    • Autoliv / Livbag
    • Chereau SA
    • TOTAL M&S
    • Total Exploration
    • Solvay Research center