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Resolving problems

Structure the approach
We reinforce your R&D process but we do not replace it. Our specificity is that we bring our expertise in challenging issues’ modelling. We integrate your project team in order to help it identify the awaited concepts by using the analytical approach we build-up, based on the TRIZ theory.

Our approach, based on an algorithm referring to evolution’s laws and TRIZ theory’s tools, consists of:  à :

  • Guiding your project team throughout the study and the following strategic reflection about product or process evolutions ;
  • Structuring your approach of problems’ resolution to identify, prioritise and manage the technical problem to be solved ;
  • Carrying out the necessary algorithmic work and proposing technical ideas related to the studied issues ;
  • Providing the necessary pedagogical skills about the TRIZ theory and its application.

This approach could be completed, according to the type of studies, by partnerships to cover the entire range of the Research & Development spectrum: physical analysis, problem’s reformulation, concepts’ generation, technological analysis of strategic patents, evaluation and feasibility of solutions, scientific justification of choices…

Algorithme de la démarche MeetSYS
Algorithme de la démarche MeetSYS

Key steps

  1. Preliminary analysis of the issue
    • Reformulate the problem by using MeetSYS methodologies (based on TRIZ)
    •&nbspPut forward the goals and constraints of the problem
    •&nbspDefine the scope of action.
  3. Generation of a maximum of ideas before coming back to the requirements’ specifications via the search for concepts
    •&nbspUse the scientific databases
    • Apply the innovative TRIZ principles
    • Use TRIZ “inventions’ standards”
  4. Classification of generated concepts
    • Classify the concepts according to the goals/constraints established in phase 1
  5. Production of a report concerning the study and the specification of solutions
    • Recommend technological survey and calculations works
    • Recommend solutions and their specifications.


    • CNES
    • THALES Air Systems
    • Messier-Bugatti
    • LVMH Recherche
    • Hennessy
    • Moria
    • Legrand
    • Nestlé Purina
    • Cetim
    • Arvin Meritor
    • Autoliv / Livbag
    • Chereau SA
    • TOTAL M&S
    • Total Exploration
    • Solvay Research center