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Our team

Challenge to communicate better
We have a sharp knowledge of innovation’s issues. We use our ten-years experience to reveal and organize your own capacity to innovate.

Our goal is to guide you to your own solution in order to create a sustainable innovation process. To allow it, our experts, scientists and engineers, have a global understanding of the companies’ problems and are specialists in expertise’s and competencies’ transfer.

The co-funders

Manuel Balbo
Chief Executive Officer, Commercial and Marketing Director
With a professional licence in mechanical engineering, Manuel held various positions in relation with industrial conception: project director, commercial and marketing director, general manager. Certified Expert Level 3, he was trained to TRIZ in 1999 by Dr Ikovenko, vice-president of the MATRIZ organization. Formerly director at Invention Machine France, he is a teacher of TRIZ application for several engineering schools (ENSAM, Ecole Centrale, Ecole des Mines, Ecole Louis de Broglie...).

Jérôme Laforcade.
Chief Executive, Scientific Director.
Physicist by training, Jérôme was involved in application support in the INAO environment and held positions of programmes chief in R&D departments. With his extensive experience in project leadership and complex physical analysis, he was trained to TRIZ in 1996 by Dr Ikovenko, vice-president of the MATRIZ organization. Certified Expert Level 4, formerly technical director at Invention Machine France, the company which introduced the theory in Europe, he rooted his competencies of the theory by applying it through more than four hundred industrial projects since 1997.

The executive team

Christophe MERLE
Financial Director
DESS in company diagnostics of the IAE Lyon, graduate of High Commercial Studies in business and management of INSEEC Bordeaux, trained to personal development techniques (Wessanen Academy) and change management (Krauthammer), Christophe worked more than twenty-five years in the industrial field with a double expertise as financial director for LUSTUCRU FRAIS, EURODEC, PREFAEST, DAYLYCER, COOPER MENVIER and as consultant and instructor in his own company.

Olivier Nerot
Information Technology Director
With a PhD in computer science, a Master’s Degree in cognitive sciences (INPG), engineer in signal processing and information (ENSIEG, INPG group), Olivier has more than ten years of professional experience in Research and Development and computer innovation’s strategy, cognitive science and social computing. Olivier is an expert at the European Commission for e-governance projects (Program 7.3), a member of ADIRA (Agence du Développement Economique du Bas-Rhin) studies group related to communities since 2007, a member of the study group “Technology 2010” of the Ministry of Industry, a member of the Program Committee of GADA’09 (international conference on Grid Computing).

The scientific and strategic committee

The committee aims at elaborating the scientific evolutions of the knowledge database i2Kn and the associated software offer. It is composed of customers’ senior executives and MeetSYS partners (such as Hutchinson, LVMH, CEA, CNRS).

Financial partners

Sister company of Caisses Régionales du Crédit Agricole, CARVEST assists regional companies in Equity Development Operations and Capital Investment Business.

Expansinvest is a sister company of the Banque Populaire des Alpes and its department “Capital investissement de proximité”. Capitalized at 9.5 million euros, Expansinvest acquires equity in SME located in the Alps. Its field of application covers post-creation, development and business transfer. Expansinvest supports some sixty SME.

    • CNES
    • THALES Air Systems
    • Messier-Bugatti
    • LVMH Recherche
    • Hennessy
    • Moria
    • Legrand
    • Nestlé Purina
    • Cetim
    • Arvin Meritor
    • Autoliv / Livbag
    • Chereau SA
    • TOTAL M&S
    • Total Exploration
    • Solvay Research center