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Our offer

A structured, calibrated and innovative offer of services
More than 400 projects referring to technical and challenging issues or to innovation strategies, ten years of practice and exchanges with our customers and partners in all the field of industry, allow us to build-up and customize an offer which gives answers to all the innovation’s issues in the industrial companies.

Management of the know-how

i²Knis a community tool to capitalize knowledge and know-how, dedicated to scientific and technical issues.

i²Kn is based on an innovative methodology, modelling logical thinking and registering issues/solutions couples. I2Kn classify the experts by contributions and not by competencies. It establishes links between technical actors (experts and users), know-how and solutions (presented in a functional and composite way). This singular architecture satisfies industrials’ needs of innovation and capitalization of logical thinking.

Resolving problems

Firstly, we join your teams to structure a new and complete vision of the problem to be treated, by merging the different concerned professions’ expectations. Then, we reformulate the issue according to the TRIZ fundamental principles. By an analytical approach, composite drawings of the solutions which will bring innovation are designed. Finally, all the concepts are expressed, compiled and confronted to the requirements’ specifications to select the “ideal solution”.

Innovation’s strategy

Firstly, we join your teams to structure a new and complete vision of the project by reformulating it as perfectly identified technical issues and by merging the different concerned professions’ expectations (general management, R&D, procurement, industrialization, marketing and commercial departments). Then, we analyse the couple product/environment via the S-curves. This allows to put forward the strategic and tactic analysis, taking into account the evolution’s laws of the system, in order to identify the issues to be treated and to recommend development’s directions.

Intellectual property

We can carry out physical analysis of your product by defining all its elementary functions.

Afterward, we use the usual ways of evolution of physical parameters, TRIZ specific approach, to emphasize the paths to be followed for research and development. A “mapping” is generated to analyse all the existing patents identified on these paths, the map showing the “non covered” areas.

From this analysis, we generate new concepts which take into account all the physicochemical effects (in every field of activities). Finally, our strategic approach allows to classify the concepts by efficiency in terms of technology and marketing.


To enable your teams to integrate and use the philosophy of the TRIZ theory, we propose:

  • Training sessions in collaboration with the school “Ecole Centrale Paris”
    • Approach of systematic innovation with TRIZ
    • Approach for problems’ resolving with TRIZ


  • Training sessions approved for Continuous Education
    • Basic training to TRIZ and project coaching
    • Training to frame a research program with TRIZ, for R&D projects’ leaders and managers
    • TRIZ master program, for experts’ certification (194 hours)


  • Specific partnerships as instructor
    • Training course about innovation
    • Training course about TRIZ theory and its application

MeetSYS is approved for Continuous Education at n°1191 05515 91.

    • CNES
    • THALES Air Systems
    • Messier-Bugatti
    • LVMH Recherche
    • Hennessy
    • Moria
    • Legrand
    • Nestlé Purina
    • Cetim
    • Arvin Meritor
    • Autoliv / Livbag
    • Chereau SA
    • TOTAL M&S
    • Total Exploration
    • Solvay Research center