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  • MeetSYS Innovations’ catalyst
    Ally creativity and discipline to support scientific and technical innovation
  • Information To Knowledge Network
    i2Kn or how to place the individual at the centre of knowledge
  • Manage innovation via innovation
    Unleash your industrial engineering!
  • Innovate more and quicker to stay competitive
    Saving time, securing investments, capitalizing knowledge

capitalize logical thinking and know-how

Manage innovation via innovation

Our proposal: capitalize any logical thinking which have driven searchers and technical teams to solutions. This new approach aims at accelerating innovation’s process by connecting company experts by their know-how and by generating relevant concepts.

MeetSYS expertise

Innovation’s catalyst

We bring a clear understanding of what must be carried out to conceptualize and produce innovations, and not only inventions. Via a structured and analytical approach, based on the TRIZ theory, we help you find the relevant moment for a change. We use innovation as a process of conquest.

Why would you choose MeetSYS ?

Innovate more and quicker to stay competitive

Our experts have developed an algorithmic methodology based on the TRIZ theory’s models. The approach allows us to build-up with you a rigorous and highly effective innovation’s process to solve challenging subjects of industrial evolutions. Ten years immerged in scientific and technical innovation enable us to design i2Kn, a high value-added computer solution to manage knowledge.

    • CNES
    • THALES Air Systems
    • Messier-Bugatti
    • LVMH Recherche
    • Hennessy
    • Moria
    • Legrand
    • Nestlé Purina
    • Cetim
    • Arvin Meritor
    • Autoliv / Livbag
    • Chereau SA
    • TOTAL M&S
    • Total Exploration
    • Solvay Research center